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Protective Commercial Tinting

While beautiful, the use of glass in architecture creates various challenges that can include excessive glare, unwanted heat build-up, increased energy costs, and even the premature fading of carpets and draperies. How do you keep that gorgeous building design without having to deal with all of the negative aspects that come with glass structures? The answer is with commercial tinting.

The staff at Oscar’s Tinting Shop, Inc. is ready to meet the challenges of your glass building head-on. Lucky for us, we are bringing the world’s best-selling brand of glass treatment films with us—Llumar and V-Kool. These building films are available in a range of light transmissions and will:

  • Stay True to Its Original Color
  • Reduce Heat & Glare
  • Block 99% of UV Rays
  • Increase Security
  • Lower Energy Bills—Ask Us About Our Free Energy Analysis!
  • Protects Your Windows from Blasts & Destructive Weather Conditions
Energy Star

Films for Safety, Security, & Anti-Graffiti

While most people are aware of commercial glass treatment films to reduce the sun’s effect on your building and the people inside of it, not as many people know there are films that can actually help you better protect your property from the dangers of flying glass due to theft, vandalism, accidents, and natural disasters. These films are designed to protect against:
  • Bomb Blasts/Violent Breakage
  • Flying Glass/Windborne Debris
  • Smash & Grab Attacks
  • Graffiti, Tagging, & Vandalism

Decorative Glass Enhancement Films

The glass films we offer aren’t just functional; they can also add an aesthetic boost to your property. We provide a wide range of glass enhancement film that provides you with an unlimited number of design possibilities—from etched glass and patterns to vibrant colors and custom visual effects. You can also choose matte films to improve privacy. Contact us to learn more about all of the different types of commercial films we offer.